Using Amazon Permalinks and setting up your Facebook page username

Every Friday I host different authors. I always ask them to provide me with links to their website, blog, Facebook and of course, the buy links to their books. Often the links they send are really long. Here is a way to shorten your Amazon links and make your Facebook link cleaner.


If you are sending the link to your author site or your book on Amazon, you should be sending the permalink (Amazon’s shortcut to your page). When you go to your book page on Amazon, DO NOT copy what you see as the web address in the field at the top of your browser. In my case, when I go to the page for Summoned, I see –

Instead of using this, click the share button on the right side of the page under Try it Free section. This will bring up a screen for you to email someone about this product. Listed here is the permalink. For Summoned, it is This takes Amazon’s own shortcut ( and adds your books AISN number. Now technically you could just type that yourself, but I like the cut and paste method, so I don’t accidentally transpose any numbers or letters.


You can do the same thing on your Amazon author page.

Now I don’t see any easy way to shorten your link on Barnes and Noble, the Kobo Store or iTunes. Smashwords already brings up a pretty short link.

If you really want to shorten these links, you could make a custom link on Once you enter the link into the “Paste a link here…” section, it will bring up a shortened link. You can click on it and change the random letters that come up to whatever you want as long as no one else is using that combination.


If you have a Facebook page, make sure you have given it a username rather than the web address listed in the browser. This will shorten your link to versus (2nd one is not mine of course, but I had to look up a former featured author who hadn’t already fixed theirs.) This doesn’t necessarily shorten the link but does look more professional.

There are going to be many times as an author that you need to provide this information to different people so take the time to make your links look more professional.

5 thoughts on “Using Amazon Permalinks and setting up your Facebook page username

  1. Steve says:

    Excellent advice, Susan. Wish more folk looked closer at shorter link options! It’s worth mentioning, too, that if you look on your Facebook News Feed page, your pages are listed down the left. Right clicking on your author/fan page will give you the correct link! SO many people post links that simply don’t work 😦

  2. Paula Cappa says:

    Very helpful. It’s amazing to me how these things are not well known to so many of us. Thanks for sharing.

  3. great info on the Amazon Perma link, did not know that!

  4. Sandi says:

    Thanks for the practical tips! 🙂

  5. Good advice–I didn’t know about the amzn/AISN shortcut, so thank you.

    But one point of clarification: you should choose a different example for facebook, because emmameadewrites *has* chosen a username. You can find her page here:
    Depending on how people get there, however, they will sometimes get the “?ref=hl” added (or others such as ref=ts or ref=bookmarks). So even if they click it may appear as if they got their by clicking a bookmark. (I don’t know what “hl” is referred from).

    Certainly you should not include those extra characters when sharing your link (delete the “?” and everything after), but this is not a result of not choosing a username.

    Thanks again.

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