Why I choose not to have my kids birthday parties at home

Lexie is about to turn five, and we just had her first ever friends-invited birthday party. We had it early since her birthday lands during Spring break. She originally asked me to have it at home but I convinced her to have it at a party place instead.

Now some of you may be wondering why I went with the more expensive option. Well, I couldn’t imagine having 15 kids running around my house and trying to keep them busy. I have been to a few parties at home, and the parent (usually the mom) is so busy running around that they sometimes don’t even have time to take pictures.

P1020219So we choose to have her party at Inflatable Wonderland, which features bouncy houses and slides. The kids were able to run around and tire themselves out, and I was able to enjoy her party. I was able to talk to other parents and take pictures. And best of all, someone else did the clean up.

As I said, this is her first ever party where she got to invite friends. I have friends who do a party every year for their kids. My husband and I decided that until our kids turned five their parties would be family only. So when Jase turned one, his party was just my parents, my brother and my husband and I. And until my in-laws moved here that was the invitees for all of our parties (minus my brother who lives in Albuquerque and only made it to Jase’s first two birthdays.) Of course, for some just inviting family doen’t always make for a smaller party. My friend Stephanie’s husband is Italian so a family-only event can mean 25 people show up.

P1020247Lexie’s preschool class has 10 students, and we ended up with 10 kids (not including my two) though only four were from her class. The others are neighborhood friends with for of the being Jase’s friends but Lexie is use to playing with them as they almost always invite her to join them. Honestly, we could easily have a party with just these kids but being her first party, she needed to invite everyone.

Jase’s birthday party is just about two months away. In Kinder, he invited his whole class and will again do that this year. But with classes of 20 to 24 kids (not including the neighborhood friends and siblings), this gets expensive and results in larger and larger parties. So this is the last year he will get to invite everyone. As much as I don’t want to leave people out, I think he will have to select just a few friends to celebrate with.

And maybe as the number of party attendees shrinks, I probably will opt to have the party at home or at least not at a party place. Until then, I will enjoy letting someone else run and clean up at my kids’ birthday parties while I sit back and just enjoy them.

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