Dividing your time between marketing and writing

Open bookYour book has been published, and you are waiting for it to rise up the sales charts. Of course to do that, some marketing is involved. But how much marketing do you need to do and how much time do you spend working on your next masterpiece?

This is a difficult question for the self-published author to answer. Without some marketing, no one will know about your book, and hence no one will buy it. So some marketing is needed.

Some authors say the best thing you could do is write your next book. And that is true. When readers look at a new author, it is more reassuring to see someone has written more than one novel. It shows dedication. Each book you write adds credibility to your name.

I know one author that said it took until her eighth book before she had established enough of a following to really take off and need less marketing.

Notice that I said LESS marketing. I don’t think there is any author that gets away with NO marketing. Even the big names like John Grisham and Stephen King have some marketing done for them if only to announce their latest release.

Of course, many self-published authors do not have a team of marketing strategists behind them. If you can afford to hire someone, it will free up your time for writing but most new authors don’t have that option, and many have a very small advertising budget. Then the trick is to decide where to put your limited advertising dollars. Will a book tour or an ad help you more? It is hard to say.  It really is trial and error to figure out what marketing techniques will help you. And the methods that work for you might not work as well for someone else.

There are quite a few marketing techniques you can do yourself such as posting updates on Facebook and Twitter, writing or submitting press releases, participating in book tours or author interviews, soliciting book reviews or even posting on your own blog. But it is easy to spend a LOT of time doing these things that you neglect your writing.

It ends up being a personal decision on how much time you spend on marketing. But know that every minute you spend marketing isn’t just about increasing sales. It is about building brand awareness. That brand is you, the author. So unless you are independently wealthy and can spend all your time writing, you will need to schedule some marketing time to let the masses know about your book.  The key is not to spend too much time on marketing that you have no time for writing and reaching new audiences.

2 thoughts on “Dividing your time between marketing and writing

  1. lissabryan says:

    Gosh, these days, it seems like I spend more time marketing than I do writing! I need to figure out how to better manage my time.

  2. […] Sadly, I have to say that in the past three years, I have not figured out how to find more writing time or sometimes any writing time. In fact, I have written on this same topic at least five times, including a post on cutting out time wasting activities and one on diving your time between marketing and writing. […]

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