Tuesdays: Reducing the number of times I post on my blog

My busy December was followed by a hectic January and the fact that I sometimes feel so behind with everything has made me come to a decision. As much as I enjoy writing three times a week on this blog, I need to cut it down to just twice a week. So from this day forward, I will no longer post about publishing and book marketing tips on Tuesdays. I will alternate those with my Thursday posts on writing.

This, of course, leaves Tuesdays open. I figure when I have the time I can always add a book update or announce a new release or perhaps even be able to handle the occasional author that inquires if I can host them as part of their book tour. (My Friday Featured Author feature is usually booked 3-7 months in advanced.) Yes, I think I will leave Tuesdays a little more open to accommodate other authors.

So if you have tour coming up in late February or March and are still looking for a host, please feel free to let me know using the form at the end of the post.

Or if you are releasing a book in May or June (or later) and would like to featured on my Friday Featured Author spot, feel free to contact me through the form below.

One thought on “Tuesdays: Reducing the number of times I post on my blog

  1. Emma says:

    Blog when you feel like it. Sometimes it’s good to take a break.

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