Verifying info you find on Internet

As I write posts for my blog, I sometimes skim through the Internet checking to see what others have posted on the same topic. This leads me to alternate views or reminds me of information I want to include in my post.  The danger of doing this is that you could be looking at a post that is years old – or just a few months old.

I know you are wondering why a few months might matter. Well, things change rapidly nowadays. Reading a post on Facebook or Amazon KDP that is a year old could have information that is no longer correct. So whether you are reading something on publishing or marketing (or something for your blog) you need to make sure that information is still relevant.

There are a few things you can do to verify the info. The first and best option would be to check the source. If you had a question on Facebook, check their help section. There you might find that a personal page is not the only option to allow readers to connect with you. They can also subscribe to your personal profile if you set it up that way. (This allows them to receive your public posts in their news feed like a Facebook Page but you only have one account to maintain.)

Another option would be to verify the information with someone in the industry. This is where writers groups are beneficial. Talking and sharing information with other authors is a great way to find out which marketing techniques are working, how they have handled problems, and to stay current on industry topics.

woman professional stuffing computer in garbage uid 1088444Now this advice of verifying information is also important in writing your novel. If you are writing a modern-day story that includes technology in it, then you need to use as up-to-date information as possible because within a few months of publication, your “high tech” operation may already be out of date. In this case, it would probably be best to interview someone with knowledge on your topic rather than rely solely on something printed in a book or even on the internet. If you are using an internet site, you may want to research the writer or organization to determine if they are a well-known and respected authority on the subject.

The internet can be a wonderful resource but remember that not everything posted is accurate – even if it was at the time of the post. Verify all your information before making any decisions or using information in your writing.

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