Struggling to find time for writing…here’s to hoping it improves from here on out

Sigh. Finding time to work on my latest novel has been very hard. When I first started blogging back in August, I wrote a post about finding time to write. I said that I would wake up early and get a ton done while the rest of the family slept, or I would try to jot ideas down while waiting for the kids at their activities.  And it seemed to work for September, October and November as I was able to truck right along with finishing Destiny, the final book in my trilogy.

time flyingBut for some reason, December and the first two weeks of January have been very hard for me to begin working on my next novel. As a stay-at-home mom, you think that I would still have the same time that I did in the prior months but not so.

The beginning of December was busy as I ran two book promos back to back. First, I had the release of Destiny, and then I did a free book promotion for The Search, my short story (a very successful promo, I might add). Right after that I prepared and released a “box set” of my trilogy. (One of the best decisions that I made as it has been selling great.)

December also got consumed with holiday events – parties at the kids schools, one thrown by the PTA and one by a firm my husband works for sometimes.

One of the other things I do besides write and take care of the kids is I am the book keeper for my husband’s law firm (it is a solo practice right now). We ended up meeting with a CPA and found out that the software we were using was not the best, so we switched to Quick Books. I then had to enter in all the history – all eight months of it. That took some time.

And just when things looked to be settling down, it was time for winter break for the kids so my free time got cut even more. Jase woke up Christmas morning sick and just when he started feeling better, I got the flu. This knocked me out for four or five days but even the following three days, I wasn’t really 100%. So our winter break was consumed by sickness.

So that brings us to this week. Well, since I was sick last week, there is a lot of cleaning that needed to be done and of course a trip to the grocery store. And we had another meeting with the CPA which resulted in another list of things I need to do.

So as you can see, I really have been swamped with other activities, and I am sorry to say, I have not spent more than a few hours developing the characters for my next novel. Actually, if I think back, December wasn’t very good last year for writing either. I had finished Quietus (Book 2) in November and took off December on purpose.

The thing is that I didn’t mean to take off basically two months this time. I even got behind in writing for my blog. I usually am at least a week ahead. (I post new copy three times a week – Monday parenting, Tuesday publishing & Thursday writing – and of course run my Featured Author every Friday.)

So here is to hoping that I can get back on track and starting next week I can get ahead on my blog and get a good amount of work done on my new book. If not, I may have to go back to my plan to find a way to freeze time, so I have enough time to get everything done. 

One thought on “Struggling to find time for writing…here’s to hoping it improves from here on out

  1. Emma says:

    Hopefully once winter is over, you’ll find more daylight hours to write.

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