Starting a blog as a marketing tool

One of the keys to selling your novel is to get your name before the masses. The more you participate on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter the more people will begin to know you and in turn know about your books. Rather than tweeting out about your book, you can use your blog as a way to gain an online presence and build your audience.

Today, readers expect to find more about an author online. A blog is a cheap and easy method to allow readers to learn more about you and to see you as a real person. It is more than a website. It is a current, updated connection with your readers or fellow authors around the world.

Starting a Blog

1.) Decide on your topic – Now if you are famous and have a big fan base, you could just keep a blog of your daily happenings but most of us will need to pick a topic for our blog.

You can write about anything that interests you but try to keep your topic narrow. You want people to consider your blog a great resource, a site to bookmark and return to, something worth talking about and not just a brochure for you as an author.

If you are worried about having to keep up with a blog, you can decide to solely feature other authors as there is never a shortage for authors looking for sites to appear on.

2.) Sign up with a blogger provider – Your main choices would be to use Blogger or WordPress. Both offer free blogs that are easy to set up. You can upgrade to a paid version to get more blog designing options and features but I have found plenty of stuff on their free versions.

You will need to pick a name for your blog. This name will be part of your web address, so I would suggest choosing your name. For example, mine is  (For a small fee, I could have registered my own domain name and gone with

Now this doesn’t mean you have to use this name on your actual blog as the title. You are free to have whatever you want as the title at the top of the page. As you can see, I choose Into Another World as the title for my blog. (To find the reason behind this click here.)

After you have named your blog, you will be able to choose from countless template designs to set up your actual blog and make it unique. Remember you don’t necessarily need anything fancy. Just aim for a clean, professional site.

3.) Begin blogging – Once you write first post and publish it, you are on your way. Just make sure you give your readers a reason to keep coming back. Post regularly. That doesn’t mean you have to post daily but set up the days you want to post and keep up with it.  I have the following schedule.

Monday – Parenting

Tuesday – Publishing/Marketing

Wednesday – Quote of the Week

Thursday – Writing Advice

Friday – Featured Author

Find what works and still with it. Then spread the word about your blog (check out using Triberr)  and writing projects on the various social media sites. Before you know it, you will have a following and an even larger potential reader market.

One thought on “Starting a blog as a marketing tool

  1. GREAT post!!! Comprehensive, intelligible, and immediately usable. Thanks for sharing! xo

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