Choosing to be a stay-at-home mom

My husband and I finally decided to have kids in our 30’s. We had been married almost eight years before the child discussion ever came up. Before that we were both fine with our decision not to have kids. But then as I neared thirty, my biological clock began ticking.

Once we decided to take the plunge, we talked about what would happen after we had the baby. Would I want to work and place the baby into daycare or would I want to stay at home? It really proved to be a short discussion.

It was clear from the beginning that we both would rather I stay at home with the baby rather than return to work. And fortunately, we had the resources to allow me to do that.

Now, just so no one jumps up and starts complaining, I do believe there is nothing wrong with both parents working and using daycare (or grandma or a nanny) to help them raise their child. I know some people can’t afford to have one parent stay home and also that some mothers aren’t cut out to be stay-at-home moms. There is nothing wrong, right, better, or worse for ANYONE’S decision on whether they work outside the house AND at home or if they just work at home.

And believe me, raising kids is definitely work. It is not just sitting at home while the kids nap or play. It is teaching them to eat, walk and explore. When the kids were younger, each day was a new adventure – a trip to the zoo, story time at the library or even just a trip to the grocery store.  Now they have the challenges and adventures of going to school. (Lexie is half-day preschool and Jase is in the first grade.)

When my husband and I made the decision that I should stay at home, we had no clue if I would be one of the women who loved staying home or if I would miss the challenges of working or even just miss the adult interaction with my coworkers.  Well I can say after seven and a half years of doing this, I have never regretted my decision. I have never been bored. Every day is something new.

With Lexi starting kindergarten next year, we have already begun discussing whether I would want to rejoin the work force or continue to stay home. Choosing to remain a stay-at-home mom would give me plenty of time to devote to my writing and would allow me to still be heavily involved with the kids by volunteering at their schools. So again, I think that will be a short discussion. The answer is obvious to me – stay at home.

One thought on “Choosing to be a stay-at-home mom

  1. Lisa Orchard says:

    I’m a stay at home mom as well and I’ve never regretted it either. 🙂

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